How being overly stressed affects your brain

And why inner peace and balance is therefore especially important for you

Stress reactions are actually useful, even essential for survival:
In dangerous situations, they put your organism into a state of maximum tension within a very short time.

Your heart rate increases, you breathe faster, your muscles tense up. As a result, your body can immediately go on the attack, freeze or take flight - depending on what the dangerous situation requires.

But when was the last time you had to run to save yourself from or even fight a lion? Today, increasing stress has entirely different causes. Too much stress is known to have physical and psychological consequences. Thought circles, heart problems, headaches and backaches as well as sleep disorders, exaggerated worries and anxiety. Women are significantly more often affected by anxiety disorders and depression than men.

Why do I feel so stressed inside?

More and more people are affected by chronic stress. Due to the enormous stimuli and permanently increasing demands on ourselves, the body is put into a "permanent stress state", and we are then often unable to leave this state without further ado. The mind-body-spirit balance is out of balance.

If these stresses continue for a long time and increase in intensity, they lead, as in a spiral, to a chronic form of stress. The body can no longer cope with this permanent state of emergency.

How can I get out of the stress spiral in a natural way, if I cannot switch off in a normal way?

Chronic stress is mostly kept going by internal processes rather than external events, e.g. negative thought loops, the feeling of never being able to rest, never being able to finish work / tasks, never having time, the feeling of no longer being able to be happy and possibly even judging oneself for everything that did not happen that one had actually hoped for.

This being driven is often fueled by existing negative belief patterns, and basic assumptions about ourselves that we adopted in childhood. We are usually conditioned early on as young children to conform to the stressful world of adults (in the world we now model). Pressure to perform, time pressure, being raised to be perfectionists, or other harmful assessments from parents or other adults from our childhood. Also neglect, frequent abandonment, or permanent comparisons with those who seem to have done everything right (siblings, children of other parents).

In these situations we learn very early not to be good enough, never to become good enough, or to be unimportant, no matter how much we struggle. There are many different constellations here, but most of them lead to one result, we do not really treat ourselves lovingly, but exploit ourselves in some way, and have stopped listening to our own needs. We have learned to function, but also pay the price for it.

In order to get rid of these negative patterns and get back to inner peace and the freedom of self-power, it is important to first resolve the deeper causes, because even if you learn to deal with stress, you still haven't learned to really love yourself, to listen to your true inner voice and to integrate self-care as the basis of your joy in life.

I help you to find back to your power and center, to release stressful issues and experiences into the past forever, so that you can create your life in the present, with healthy self-confidence, resilience, in your power, in balance and inner peace.

"Working with Sabine was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the last three months I have become clear about what I want in my life, who I really am and - the most important point - what steps I can take to become this new version of myself.

Sabine is able to see people's potential, sense what is helpful right now, and guide you there."

Linda S., England


We finally dissolve fears, negative beliefs and thought loops, blockages and traumatic experiences. I have been working very successfully with hypnosis for many years and some of my clients actually experience quantum leaps. Your mind and your thoughts are very powerful, learn to use this power for you instead of against you!

AKAWA is pure energy

AKAWA is much more than just an energy transfer, it enables you to reconnect with the universal energy field - with your original blueprint, the memory of your wholeness, which you are in truth.

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