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What is AKAWA?

AKAWA translates as "the one who finds the way" (Persian) and means "flow of love" (Japanese). The term "Kundalini" here refers to its sacred meaning: as another name for the "Divine".

AKAWA is much more than just an energy transfer, it allows you to reconnect with the universal energy field - with your original blueprint, the reminder of your wholeness that you truly are. Compared to other Kundalini activation systems, AKAWA is not channeled energy, but a direct, unadulterated channel to the infinite field of consciousness.

AKAWA allows you an accelerated Kundalini activation. This activation goes exactly as far as the intelligent field opens for you, as it is right for you at that time. AKAWA is therefore a very natural, step-by-step and very safe process you yourself do nothing willingly during the session, you just let happen what wants to happen.

AKAWA supports you in healing and development on different energetic levels and enables a deeper integration process. On a physical level, these sessions can lead to spontaneous movement and the release of emotional blocks (through laughter, crying, body reactions, etc.).

Participants report feeling freer, happier, more powerful, at peace with themselves, or simply stopping harmful behaviors, relationships with others improving, or other aspects of their lives changing for the positive.

What can AKAWA change in you?


Inner freedom
Inner Peace
Love & Compassion
Ability to let go
Power & Energy





Slepp disorders


Stressful experiences


circling thoughts

Negative Emotions

Negative behaviours



How does an AKAWA session work?

When you sign up for an AKAWA session, you lie down on the floor on a (yoga)mat and close your eyes. Different pieces of music will be played and your only task is to just let go, accept what is happening inside you or your body and go with it.

Whatever your body or your inner being wants to do, be it movements, deep breathing, silence, vibrations - just let it happen. You are in a protected space, I am there for you.

As your AKAWA facilitator, I support you exactly in your process by activating energies in your body, by feeling where you need support, or by focusing on energy fields, different chakras or other areas. In doing so, I allow myself to be completely guided and also entrust myself to the higher intelligence.

As one of the AKAWA Facilitators personally trained by Heidi Krauss (Founder of AKAWA), I am happy to offer you AKAWA_by_Sabine (in German and English) starting January 29, '23, both online via zoom and soon live, mainly in the three-country region of Lake Constance, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Frequently asked questions about the AKAWA sessions are answered on the respective booking page under FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). You can always find current info here, as well as on my Instagram channel AKAWA_by_Sabine.



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AKAWA Facilitator Training by Heidi Krauss
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AKAWA Facilitator Training El Mas Benet
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AKAWA Facilitator Training El Mas Benet
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AKAWA Facilitator Training El Mas Benet
AKAWA Facilitator Training El Mas Benet
AKAWA Facilitator Training El Mas Benet
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AKAWA Facilitator Training, in El Mas Benet, Spain, by

Heidi Krauss (Licenceholder: @akawaworld)

Photos interior, except group photos: @indiagitana_
Exterior photos: Sabine Oel-Cocco