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"Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership"

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Life takes place only in this moment, not in the past nor in the thoughts about what could happen!

Your issues, past experiences, and fear of the future are in some way keeping you from enjoying and creating your life to the fullest.


3 keys to arrive in your own life!

If you want to finally let go of the old baggage, but don't know how, and are tired of reliving the same old familiar patterns and thinking the same harmful thoughts, you are 100% in the right place.

I am absolutely convinced of your limitless potentials and have been allowed to accompany too many transformations that you will not convince me otherwise. I will show you how to get rid of your limitations. Let's talk about it and book here you free Coaching.

You, like most people, are probably not really convinced of how unique and valuable you are. We almost all have a lifetime of experience of making ourselves small. And, unfortunately, we have learned to believe in the voice in our head.

My passion is to help you liberate yourself

It's hard to say when my own journey of inner change began, I just know as long as I live it will never end. Every step into the unknown is always and again an incredible adventure!

Surely I would have formulated this a little differently 25 years ago, back when it was my greatest desire to simply find out how the "trick" works. I wanted to plan and design everything outside perfectly. Never would I have had the idea that it was always just about my own inner change.

Without my own "odysseys", however, I would not be here, because my experiences now hopefully serve you, because you certainly do not want to waste more months and years of your precious life.

How I help you

I am shaped by well over 25 years of experience as an artist, creative counselor, child and youth coach, art therapist, HormonYoga trainer, aura surgeon and hypnotherapist, as well as a mother and lifelong self-employed woman.

I have now achieved success with countless clients and I see my calling in helping women like you, the multi-taskers who want to, (still) should, have to master everything. To be successful on the side, to raise children, or to casually put away the agonizing desire to have children. To have a career, to run the household, to be attractive as a partner, to handle everything, to be youthful until 75.

And how much of it, takes us far away from ourselves, away from who we actually are, far away from what we would like to have experienced or not experienced, much less judgmental, much more fun and free. Much more experiencing life for what it is, as a great gift full of adventure.

I help you to find your way back, or to rediscover yourself, to finally stop your mind carousel, to finally turn that stress back into joy of life, creativity and self-love.

I help you to release the powerful thoughts that constantly let you know and feel that you are valuable, wonderful and much more than good enough.

To learn what obstacles your personal life journey has presented you with, book your free coaching with me. Together we will find out how I can be there for you, and of course if we are a good fit. I look forward to our conversation!


Sabine Oel-Cocco RTT Kinderwunsch Expertin

Continuing education
Vita Sabine Oel-Cocco

Cert. Hypnotherapist
Marisa Peer, London, UK

Rapid Transformational Therapist

Marisa Peer, London, UK

Advanced Conversational Hypnosis
Scott Jansen, Brisbane, AU

AKAWA Facilitator
Accelerated Kundalini Awakening

Heidi Krauss, D, Barcelona, ES

Aura Surgery
Dr. Mathias Künlen, IFA Institut für Aurachirurgie AG, Liechtenstein

Hormonal YogaTherapy TeacherTraining - acc. to Dinah Rodrigues
Shakti Simone Lehner, Yoga Vidya Speyer, GER

YogaTeacher Training
Online Yoga Teacher 300h Training, YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education), (in training)

Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing School für
Remote Viewing, Bernd Gloggnitzer, AT

Creative Coach, Creative Counseling,

 indepentent art therapist

Forum A.K.T., Forum für Analytische und Klinische Kunsttherapie, Educational Institute for LEarning Health in Munich e.V., Munich, GER

Art Studio management | owner,
art workshops für children, adolescents, adults
cocoon-project, Konstanz & Kreuzlingen, GER/CH

Paint pedagogue

Arno Stern, I.R.S.E. (Institut de Recherche en Sémiologie de l‘Expression), Paris, FR

Potential developement trainer children and adolescents ∞ Children's coach | Youth coach ∞ Reflex integration trainerin
IPE Daniel Paasch, Münster, Christa Sieber, Munich, GER

Spiritual practise &
Workshop participation
for many years, ongoing

Meditation & CoherenceHealing Group: CoHealing West, (Dr. Joe Dispenza),
Hormonal YogaPractise (D. Rodrigues), AKAWA (H. Krauss)

Europe-wide: since 2017, regular participation in various meditation retreats by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Encephalon, USA:

Progressiv Workshops:
Basel, CH ∞ Basel, CH

Advanced & WeekLong Workshops:
Bonn, GER ∞ Tarragona, SP ∞ Berlin, GER

Advanced Follow Up Workshops:
Berlin, GER ∞ Munich, GER

My practice for hypnotherapy is located in the Swiss canton of Thurgau, close to the border with Germany (Konstanz).

Sabine Oel-Cocco
Practise for Hypnotherapy
Austrasse 6
CH-8505 Pfyn

The cooperation with me takes place personally and online via Zoom.
Book here your free Coaching

AKAWA sessions und Hormonal Yoga workshops take place live at different locations and online via Zoom. Dates and booking see under AKAWA and Hormonal Yoga.

Born in Munich, Germany, Sabine Oel-Cocco has lived for more than 12 years in Konstanz on Lake Constance, Germany, right on the border with Switzerland

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We meet in person at my practice or online via Zoom

Sabine Oel-Cocco | Rapid Transformational Therapy | Practise | Austrasse 6 | 8505 Pfyn | Switzerland