What my clients have to say

"I found Sabine through the Internet. At that time I was emotionally in a very difficult and hopeless situation. With Sabine I received great support and was able to gradually straighten up again. Sabine is very sympathetic, intelligent and has a strong empathy. I had respect for hypnosis.

However, I was pleasantly surprised and now enjoy this special state of relaxation. It is amazing that the therapy also works via videoconference.

The therapy is explicitly worked out for me and my problems. I have learned a lot about myself and find it exciting what has been resolved and what has resulted. Today I am satisfied, full of strength and energy. I have somehow gained a new perspective on things and can approach new problems more confidently. I feel better than ever before and I enjoy life to the fullest. I am very grateful to you, dear Sabine!"

Anna M., CH-Zurich

"You often struggle through life because the past catches up with you and you realize that you have the choice to fight, to flee, to leave your life to fate or to not lose hope in order to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. I have everything behind me: the fight, the giving up, the hope, the acceptance of fate. The thing that helped me in difficult moments was to internalize this light, to dream about it and to get closer to it with every step. This light is now called Sabine. She has led me to the light. Through the Zoom sessions we did together, she led me lovingly, yet precisely and clearly to the cause of my desire for invisibility. The scenes came to light with ease. They were filled with pain, sadness, fear, the desire to go to the afterlife as a kind of redemption. Sabine showed me the way and I walked the path. I found the light and felt the strong desire to make myself visible.

I finally have the key in my hand and can use it to open the door of all possibilities. I can hardly find words to show Sabine my gratitude for the new life she has made possible for me. Believe in the light, look for it, don't wait for miracles to happen someday, because when we accept support, the miracles have already happened. Thanks to Sabine, I am opening up now because I am allowing myself to be unbeatable, visible, strong, brave and unusual. And so can you, because you are worth it. Life is a precious gift that may be lived in the present future."

Maria K., Germany

"Working with Sabine was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the last three months I have become clear about what I want in my life, who I really am and - the most important point - what steps I can take to become this new version of myself.

Sabine is able to see people's potential, sense what is helpful right now, and guide you there."

Linda S., England

"After I had hypnosis with Sabine, I experienced the next period as if a veil had been lifted.
I had been resisting doing things that would obviously help me feel good about my body. Now I wake up in the morning go jogging and swimming without any resistance.

The inner voice that permantently stopped me is no longer there.
Really fascinating. The session with Sabine was terrific and I still felt comfortable with her at all times.

Thank you Sabine!"

Susanne H., Kiel

"Sabine is a spectacular therapist who is extremely intuitive. I highly recommend her because her commitment and passion bring phenomenal results!
I really enjoyed my session with her as it was very insightful and changed my attitude and approach immediately. Thank you Sabine for your unparalleled support and a wonderful session experience."

Monalisa G., India

"Hello Sabine,
our work really fascinated me, as well as the result were the hammer. Two weeks after the meeting I was reading the newspaper at breakfast and read through a whole double page, and then the thought: what an interesting article, I have not read an article completely for a long time ... and then it struck me, I COULDN'T read for so long at a stretch!!! and then I realized that my brain is actually "healed" again, since then I can concentrate again and thinking is fun again....mega cool !

A lot of other intensive things happened as well. My sister's mother has been placed in a home with dementia. I am her only contact person outside, is emotionally very exhausting, much must be organized, also the dissolution of the apartment, etc.. Already during the whole process I felt how well I can manage this and how well I manage to engage and still distance myself. It didn't trigger me emotionally or energetically...wow! Honestly? I am convinced without working with you this would not have been possible. I am always deeply grateful to have encountered you and your work. This release and liberation of deep-seated traumas and behavior patterns is an insane gift for me.

I feel sooo much freer than I did a year ago.

But the real miracle lately has been the "open sesame oil" of my heart and my perception of my love and recognizing love. Suddenly I felt love again and realized that I know this feeling from my childhood and just let it fill up properly by all the assaults from my childhood. ...

Since then my kaleidoscope of feelings, my soul is whole/complete and healed again. My deep joy and happiness can hardly be put into words. It is very touching, intense, blissful.

When I then come to rest a bit, I realize how our work has brought me so far, how my soul actually frees itself step by step, I am more and more with me, I am in my center and from my center begin to live again. in and with love !!!!

I have the feeling my soul is healed.

I wish you a wonderful, good and loving time, sincerely and in deep gratitude!

Anja K, CH-St. Gallen

"My first session with Sabine was about self-worth and self-confidence. I had worked on this topic in the past with NLP and coaching sessions, but had never gotten beyond a certain level.

Even the preliminary talk for the hypnosis session brought interesting things to light that I had never really noticed before. During the hypnosis itself, Sabine, with her intuitive, calm manner, managed to take me to key scenes of my childhood that were the trigger for doubt and insecurity. Despite the often large emotional charge of these scenes, I always felt safe and in good hands with Sabine. She managed to show me ways to evaluate these scenes differently and to make me independent of them.

In the following weeks, there was not THE experience that showed me success, but many small realities by which I could recognize that I had changed profoundly. Completely naturally I act differently and feel much more, much more lovingly connected to myself, without effort or consciously thinking about what I should do differently now.
When one is ready to change something about oneself, Sabine, with her intuitive, empathic and professional work, is exactly the therapist to make that change possible.

My second session with Sabine was to stimulate my body's self-healing powers. I had been doing too much sports and thus had physical problems that I wanted to get rid of quickly. I never expected what came to light during the session.
Sabine has mastered the wonderful art of intuitively asking the right questions at the right time. So we found out quite quickly that behind my too much sport was an old pattern that drove me to be faster and/or better than others, so that I would have the feeling of being noticed and loved. Then, as Sabine gently took me back to my earliest childhood, I saw scenes, one of which particularly impressed me because I hadn't even begun to notice it in previous hypnosis, meditation or NLP sessions. And if proof were needed that hypnosis works: A few weeks later, my sister told me this exact scene from my childhood without being asked!

Sabine used Hypnosis to dissolve my old beliefs and replace them with new ones. Since then, this unconscious pressure to perform is simply gone! No matter what I do, I don't have to please or impress anyone, but I just want to have fun with the thing and with myself. This is a whole new attitude towards life, which comes with inner peace, relaxation and freedom.
Thank you, Sabine, for your heartfelt and yet very effective work!"

Heiko H. (52), CH-Zurich

"On 03/24/2019 I had an unforgettable Zoom session with Sabine. I was looking for help regarding an issue that has been with me since early childhood - the fear and panic of anything that flies and comes too close to me in the process ... Sabine brought me into a deep and liberating hypnosis so that I was able to go to events in my childhood and adolescence stored in the subconscious, some of which were traumatic in nature, that were the cause and root of my current fears. Through Sabine's sensitive, calm questioning technique, I not only felt very safe throughout the session, but was also able to go into the depths of my subconscious mind, identify the problem and resolve it together with Sabine.

Sabine addressed the existing issues in the audio in a wonderful way, which caused me to feel in control again and completely liberated from these old fears. The very next day I felt interest instead of panic and disgust when I looked at a photo of a bird. A few days later, I noticed that I was completely calm in the garden as bees and butterflies buzzed around me. This is an incredibly new, liberating feeling for me.

I am very, very grateful to Sabine for her wonderful and very effective work and I am happy to recommend her from the bottom of my heart anytime."

Undine Harzendorf, Germany

"Through hypnosis and Sabine's empathy for asking relevant questions in the right places and creating a healing space in a solution-oriented way, I was able to get to an entangled issue, see it for what it is and what impact it had on me and my life. An issue whose core I could only see in the state of hypnosis, with Sabine's professional, as well as intuitive guidance.
Since the hypnosis session with Sabine, I see the world a bit with new eyes, which surprises me and gives me enormous confidence and strength. The difference is not only noticeable, but can be experienced, which even the people around me perceive. A true shift.
Even after the hypnosis session, I continue to experience, in the truest sense of the word, new developments in various areas of my life and in myself, and feel more confident and clear than ever before. We were able to resolve the root cause of this persistent issue and any compensations, obvious and subtle, have become unnecessary.

Because of Sabine's loving and non-judgmental way, I felt understood from the beginning and knew I could trust!
Thank you, for a life changing experience dear Sabine!"

Johanna M., CH-Berne

After a 25 year career as a heavy smoker and quite a few failed attempts to leave this habit/addiction behind me, I contacted Sabine on a personal recommendation. I had no previous experience with hypnosis and after the initial consultation gained the impression that hypnosis could indeed work on my desire for change on a level that I had not been able to access in my own efforts - and the spiral of frustrating failed attempts - to date. I experienced Sabine as an empathetic and at the same time highly professional and competent therapist and arranged a session with the feeling that with her approach I could actually permanently and successfully discard and leave behind a pattern of negative conditioning this time.
I found the zoom session thoroughly enjoyable and I felt relaxed and secure in the process the entire time.

Sabine took me back to the point where I had already lived and enjoyed a smoke-free life and made it easy for me to say goodbye to this self-acquired habit.
Lightness and liberation were also the predominant sensations in the next few days, with which I experienced my new smoke-free life, myself in the usual everyday situations - so I could consciously experience countless everyday situations in a new and smoke-free way - without any question about whether and how I could cope with them (this time).
The great gain I took away from our session is not only a now smoke-free life, but the joy and enrichment I feel in dealing with myself in a loving way and not only having disposed of/abandoned a "deficit" - but living a sustainable positive self-care in a relaxed way with serene composure.
Should I in the future again have a desire for change on any aspect of my life on which I desire and seek such a positive change, I will gladly and confidently turn to Sabine.

Martin E. (48), Munich

How effective is hypnosis?

Why spend months or even years in therapy when most clients need just one to three sessions to achieve their goals? I help you to free yourself from any self-defeating beliefs and patterns and anchor new positive and powerful messages in your subconscious mind to achieve lasting, life-changing results.

As a hypnotherapist with extensive experience in other forms of therapy, I will show you exactly how to communicate with your subconscious mind and how successful you can be in doing so.

Above all, don't worry if you think you can't go into "trance" or "hypnosis". Please let go of these limitations, I have enough experience and knowledge to show you how easy everything is, you don't have to do anything except contact me.

Even if you have had negative experiences with hypnosis, don't miss this chance to put your emotional baggage in the past for good with my help, there are as many styles of hypnosis as there are types of tea.

Let's talk about it and I'll explain exactly how a session with me works and how I can help you.